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Advanced Rehabilitation Center

Advanced Rehabilitation Center (ARC) offers high intensity robotic rehabilitation program using the latest rehabilitation robots and VR/AR devices.
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Why robotic rehabilitation program?

Robotic rehabilitation offers high repetition and intensity therapy while providing precise movements and functional exercises. Combined with traditional therapy, robotic rehabilitation has shown promising results in neurological recovery, helping individuals regain movement, improve motor function, and get back to daily lives faster.
New Hope for neuro recOvery

benefits of ARC

The Advanced Rehab Center (ARC) offers unparalleled benefits in rehabilitation, utilizing robotics for highly individualized and effective treatment plans. This cutting-edge approach ensures faster, safer recovery, and enhanced patient outcomes, setting a new standard in rehabilitative care.

  • Boosts Neuroplasticity

    High intensity exercise guided by our robots and clinicians, our brain can form new connections. This process is called neuroplasticity which is the key to neuro recovery. Advanced rehab robots are designed to promote neuroplasticity unmatched with conventional therapy.

  • High Intensity & High Repetition

    Compared to conventional methods, where intensity and repetition are often limited by the therapist's capacity and patient's endurance, robotic rehab can offer a consistent, accurate, high intensity, and repetition exercise that is not possible through manual therapy.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    Every patient is unique and our treatment plan can be highly personalized, based on their specific condition and recovery goals. ARC and clinicians can adapt these plans in real-time, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

  • Safe and Gentle

    The robots guide you through exercises safely, reducing the risk of injury. They're like gentle coaches, ensuring you don't push too hard and risk hurting yourself making sure every repetition count towards your recovery.

CuttinG-edge rehabilitation technology partners

Our Partners

We partners with the top robotics rehab manufacturers, synergizing cutting-edge technology and expertise to revolutionize the field of robotic-assisted rehabilitation and patient care.
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Home Recovery Program

Clinician-Guided Robotic Therapy combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with the precision of robotics, offering personalized, data-driven rehabilitation. This innovative approach allows for highly accurate, consistent treatments tailored to each patient's specific needs.
Clinician-Guided remote recovery

Benefits of Home Recovery Program

The Active Therapy Robot (ATR) delivers targeted, precise rehabilitation for knee post-operative patients, significantly enhancing the recovery process. Its advanced robotic technology ensures safe, consistent, and customizable exercises, leading to improved outcomes and a faster return to daily activities.

  • 1

    Enhanced Recovery Speed

    By providing precise, controlled movements, the ATR facilitates a quicker recovery process. Its capacity to offer correct exercise techniques and adjustable resistance allows for more efficient muscle strengthening, contributing to faster healing and return to normal activities.

  • 2

    Reduced Risk of Injury

    The controlled nature of the ATR's movements significantly minimizes the risk of re-injury or strain. This is particularly important in post-operative rehabilitation, where the affected areas are vulnerable and require careful handling to ensure safe recovery.

  • 3

    Personalized Rehabilitation

    The ATR's ability to tailor exercises specifically for each patient's needs ensures that each individual receives the most effective treatment for their recovery stage. This personalization is crucial in rehabilitation, as it accounts for the unique aspects of each patient's condition and recovery progress.

Clinician-Guided at-home recovery

What is included in home recovery Program?

Home Recovery Program teleconferencing tool and Active Therapy Robot (ATR) to help individuals recover after major orthopedic surgeries, offering precise, controlled, and clinician-guided exercises with real-time feedback. This approach safely allows patients to practice challenging movements with adjustable assistance or resistance, showing significant improvements in motor function and quality of life during recovery.

remote physical therapy

clinician guided recovery program  

Recovery Center by Motusium integrates advanced robotics, like the Active Therapy Robot (ATR). This platform provides a seamless, interactive experience for both patients and clinicians, allowing for real-time monitoring, personalized treatment plans, and enhanced communication.
Active therapy robot

precise robotic rehab designed for home recovery

The Active Therapy Robot (ATR) is an advanced robotic system designed for the rehabilitation of knee post-operative patients. It offers customizable active assisted and resistance exercises, facilitating effective and efficient recovery through precise, controlled movements tailored to each patient's needs.
Clinician-Guided remote recovery

Who is this for?

The Active Therapy Robot (ATR) is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from medical conditions that affect the knee and elbow joints. These conditions typically include:
Post-operative Knee Conditions   
  • Total Knee Arthroplasty (Knee Replacement Surgery)
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction
    Meniscal Repair Surgery
  • Other knee surgeries involving ligament repair or reconstruction

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